Morristown, NJ, October 24, 2017 — The Board of Directors of the Spring Street Community Development Center announces the appointment of Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon as the newest member of the board. 

Sheriff Gannon’s appointment expands the Board to nine directors. He will be a member of the Development and Governance Committees. The board is led by Chair, Rev. Sidney S. Williams, Jr., Pastor, Bethel Church of Morristown.

“Jim Gannon embodies the spirit of community and brings talent, expertise and energy to the table. We are very fortunate to have him by our side as we continue to help strengthen the community in Morris County,” said Teresa E. Williams, Executive Director of the Spring Street Community Development Center.

Since 2011, the Spring Street Community Development Corporation has been helping diverse communities of people with limited resources strengthen their families and find shelter during times of crisis.

Services include academic enrichment and outreach programs for youth ages 10-14, mentoring and tutoring, parenting classes (SOAR), emergency referral services, substance abuse services, food pantry and community kitchen (Table of Hope). Annually, Spring Street CDC serves over 5,000 individuals. 

Of those, 60 percent are refugees and/or immigrants. To learn more about the Spring Street CDC and its programs, visit or like us on Facebook.

Sheriff Gannon grew up in Boonton and graduated from Our Lady of Mount Carmel elementary school and Boonton High School. He earned an Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement from the County College of Morris, Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from William Paterson University, and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Sheriff Gannon was a Patrolman in his hometown of Boonton, and Boonton Township, followed by more than two decades of service at the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, where he attained the rank of Deputy Chief of Investigations. Sheriff Gannon also was assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. 

Upon retirement, he joined the private sector at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, where he retired as the Global Head of Security Risk. 

In addition to his professional career in law enforcement and security, Gannon has given back to the surrounding communities in other ways, including as current President of the 200 Club of Morris County, Adjunct Professor at Centenary College, Life Member of the New Jersey State PBA 327, Cofounder of the Morris County Chapter of the Emerald Society of the State of New Jersey, and as a Drum Major in the Police Pipes & Drums of Morris County, to name a few. 


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For Immediate Release
June 29, 2017
For information contact the Morris County Sheriff's Office


Morristown, NJ - County Sheriff James M. Gannon, in coordination with County Human Services Director Jennifer Carpinteri, has initiated a new Morris County Identification Card program for residents, from ages 18 to 54, who lack valid forms of ID needed to access essential medical, mental health, social services, and employment programs.  

The Sheriff’s new free ID Program, to start the week of June 26, will operate as a walk-in service on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the Sheriff’s Office at the Morris County Courthouse in Morristown. 

County residents, from 18 to 54, also can call 973-285-6600 to make an appointment to get a county ID card. In addition, the Sheriff’s Hope One program, which interfaces with needy and struggling persons, will help connect residents with the new ID card offering.   

“We want to help our county residents in the at-risk community, who may have few resources and not much of a support system, get the services they need to make them whole or get them on the road to recovery,’’ said Sheriff Gannon. “Making sure they have valid identification can make all of the difference in the world to our county residents.’’  

The county Department of Human Services, through recent discussions with program personnel and clients, found an identification system void for homeless residents and many other persons (in the ages 18 to 54 range) who do not have a valid drivers’ license or some other form of required identification.

Carpinteri’s Human Services team, in searching for a way to assist these county residents, approached the Sheriff’s Office.

“Fortunately, Sheriff Gannon recognized the value of this critical need and with his typical solution-based approach, volunteered to partner with the Department of Human Services to offer county identifications to residents who require them,’’ said Morris County Administrator John Bonanni.

A lack of proper identification can make it difficult for some county residents to obtain needed medical services and psychiatric services, and to participate in alcohol detoxification services or intensive outpatient counseling programs. A lack of valid identification also causes problems for residents seeking housing, temporary assistance benefits, and employment.   

It has even prevented persons seeking help through Hope One from getting into treatment programs.

“We needed to take a sophisticated approach to this dilemma, to help find a way to ensure our special needs population has identification needed to open doors to the many services available to our residents here in Morris County,’’ said Human Services Director Jennifer Carpinteri. “We had to find a partner to fill the gap created by the lack of identification and Sheriff Gannon stepped right in to help.’’

To make an appointment for an ID card or learn more about the program, call 973.285-6600 or visit:

To learn more about Hope One, visit:

To learn about the county’s full range of social services, visit:




Taking Hope on the Road in Morris County


March 31, 2017

Sheriff James Gannon

The Morris County Sheriff's Office Community Services Unit, in partnership with the Morris County Department of Human Services, the Mental Health Association of Morris County, Morris County Prevention is Key and their Center for Addiction Recovery Education and Success (CARES), announces the launch of Hope One, which will take place on Monday, April 3" from 9am - 2pm at the Morristown Green. Hope One, a mobile recovery access Center, will travel to different locations throughout Morris County twice a week providing Critical support for those individuals who are struggling with addiction, with the goal of preventing drug overdoses and ultimately deaths in Morris County. The Hope One mobile recovery access center will be equipped with various resources and pre-established connections to critical services including treatment, recovery support, behavioral health and much more.

The addiction treatment and recovery specialists who will staff the Hope One mobile recovery access center will include a licensed clinician and a certified peer recovery specialist. These individuals understand the needs of those who suffer from addiction and they will be best equipped to deal one on one with members of our communities. Hope One staff will have pre-established services and available beds for potential clients. The team will be equipped to connect the client with the appropriate services and/or facility and arrange for immediate transportation.

Sheriff James M. Gannon stated, "This is about getting those struggling with addiction off the street, and immediately connected with services, with the goal of returning them to be productive members of society and drug free. What makes this program unique is that the Hope One mobile recovery access center services are client driven. We travel to the client; they do not come to us. In addition, we are removing many of the barriers, which often times prevent our people, as well as family members, the ability to get the necessary help and into rehab. It is all about Hope".

Hope One is being paid for by money seized from Morris County drug dealers through the Drug Forfeiture program. The number of opioid related deaths are up considerably this year as compared to this same time in 2016. In addition, during the first quarter of 2017, Naloxone (Narcan) was administered by the police in Morris County 45 times, compared to 122 times in the calendar year of 2016. CARES will be offering free Narcan kits and training to the public on the Hope One vehicle. "This is a problem that affects everyone. Although Narcan is a wonderful antidote, it only gives the client a 'second chance'. It is now up to the client to seek services for their addiction. The Hope One Team is prepared to walk with our clients into recovery," commented Sheriff James M. Gannon.

Another aspect to the program is acknowledging the direct connection between addiction and mental health. Hope One adopts the county's "stigma free" initiative. The Morris County Stigma Free Communities initiative is a countywide program, which aims to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness and substance use disorders. The Morris County Sheriff's Office joins the Morris County Department of Human Services, as well as the Morris County Mental Health community, in its commitment to raising awareness of these illnesses by creating an environment where affected individuals are supported in their efforts to achieve wellness and recovery.

"Hope One is truly a unique partnership between law enforcement and the addiction and mental health communities in truly addressing the deadly problem of drug abuse in our community. We are looking forward to serving people where they are: on the streets, in shelters, in motels, and in other places where people are drinking and drugging. By engaging so many community stakeholders in this initiative, we truly believe we will save lives,” said Louis A. Schwarz, President and CEO of the Mental Health Association of Morris County,

Rockaway Borough Police Chief Doug Scheer said, "Times are changing in the world today and with many facing addiction issues we must rise to meet the challenges. We can argue that addicts commit crimes to support their habits and in the wake of doing so destroy lives in the process. Rockaway Borough experienced several overdose deaths in a short period of time, which rocked our small community. This was a revelation to our agency and the community as a whole. I had the honor to watch our community come together by supporting one another in their times of need. The Police cannot solely be looked at as an enforcement agency and change how we interact with those in need. I believe that if we can change the life of an addict then we can change the path of those they will come in contact with. To do nothing is easy, but to try your hardest and challenge yourself to be a better person each day may just help someone and that is an obligation we have. Hope One can bring about that change by meeting the problem head on from a different angle,”

Morris County Freeholder Doug Cabana said, "I am both extremely proud and equally excited of the Freeholder Board's commitment to the Hope One Mobile Outreach initiative. This unique program, inspired by Sheriff James M. Gannon, is a partnership between Morris County Law Enforcement, County and Municipal Governments, along with our dedicated community-based treatment providers, who will be working together to address the Opioid epidemic that continues to devastate our community,'

Morris County Prosecutor Fredric Knapp said, "The cost in human lives has been devastating due to the ongoing heroin and opioid epidemic. The Morris County Prosecutor's Office has been at the forefront educating the public as well as employing traditional law enforcement efforts with our municipal, county, state and federal partners in battling this scourge. We must now, even more importantly focus our efforts on destigmatizing addiction and providing treatment for those plagued by this disease. The recovery coach program we are embarking upon is focused on that urgent need. The efforts of Sheriff Gannon are commendable in this unique approach battling addiction. We sincerely hope that this initiative will be a great Success."

Morris County Director of Human Services, Jennifer Carpinteri said, "This brand new approach delivers services in a unique way, blending law enforcement and social services to bring Hope into communities. The goal of the Hope One Mobile Outreach initiative is to engage with at risk individuals, meeting them where they are to offer linkage to services and treatment in an effort to combat the ever growing opiate and addiction epidemic."

Peer Recovery Specialist Alton Robinson said, "This is a win-win for all involved. Never in Morris County has there been such an innovative initiative to give individuals the opportunity to be heard and have access to services they otherwise would not have had. We are offering individuals HOPE!"

"By connecting with numerous resources, the Hope One mobile recovery access center will be available to the public to educate, refer people to treatment and empower our citizens to take control of their lives and return those addicted as productive members of society. Hope One welcomes anyone affected by addiction and behavioral health to look out for the truck. The folks requiring services will be brought to a treatment facility or program, and not jail. We're here for you," stated Sheriff James M. Gannon.

For further information on CARES, contact 973-625-1143 or

For further information on the Sheriff's Office, visit or


Gannon Urges Morris County Municipalities to Reject “Sanctuary City” Designation

New Sheriff says local jurisdictions that create safe havens for illegal immigrants make things more difficult for law enforcement officers

For Immediate Release
Contact: Sheriff Jim Gannon

Morristown, March 1, 2017 – In response to the growing debate in New Jersey and nationwide about so-called “Sanctuary Cities,” newly-minted Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon urged all municipalities in his county to reject Sanctuary City designation and cited the difficulties it would create for law enforcement officers from his department and others.

“Morris County municipalities should not be publicly declaring themselves as a place where illegal immigrants can be guaranteed safe harbor from federal law enforcement officials – it’s just not right,” said Sheriff Gannon.  “I started my career as a beat cop in Boonton, and can tell you that asking local law enforcement officers to effectively ignore federal law is problematic on a number of levels and creates confusion that could adversely impact public safety.”

Gannon also said a recent proposal in Trenton would be unfair to taxpayers.  

“Moreover, recent legislation proposed by Democrats in Trenton that would seek to indemnify Sanctuary municipalities from loss of federal aid if they persist in disobeying the federal government defies all logic, and Governor Christie was right to threaten a veto if it ever reached his desk,” said Sheriff Gannon.  “In addition to the public safety issues I mentioned earlier, this proposal would create an undue and unfair tax burden on the vast majority of residents in the vast majority of New Jersey towns that are following the law.”




Morris NewsBee Editorial: Gannon For Morris County Sheriff

See full editorial endorsement at:

When an incumbent announces he is leaving office before any ballots are cast there is always the worry the new person coming into the job will not be up to snuff.

That's not the case this year as Republican candidate for Morris County Sheriff James Gannon of Boonton should comfortably fill the shoes of outgoing Sheriff Edward Rochford, who is stepping down after 23 years.

Gannon faces a challenge from Democrat Mark Dombrowski of Mount Olive Township.

Gannon is the clear choice. His resume speaks volumes, both in the public and private sector. He began his law enforcement career as a Boonton police officer. Since that time, he served on the Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force from 2005 to 2007, was in the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office from 1986 to 2007, finishing his career there as Deputy Chief of Investigations.

Most recently he worked in the private sector as as global head of Security Risk at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in East Hanover where he worked from 2008 to 2015.

Gannon's focus has always been on the potential for terrorism to strike Morris County, a subject some might not have thought should be such a high priority - that is until an alleged bomb maker was arrested in Linden after he built bombs in Elizabeth, Seaside Heights and Manhattan.

Gannon's other concern is more traditional: to stamp out illegal drug use. But Gannon won't go it alone. In addition to working with traditional law enforcement agencies Gannon says he is committed to working with community groups.

The ability to think big while also keeping his finger on the pulse of the communities he would be overseeing helps make him an ideal candidate.

Vote for James Gannon.  

Republican Jim Gannon Commends Linden City Police Officers for their Heroism

Morris County Sheriff hopeful doubles down on campaign pledge to strengthen Morris County’s terrorism preparedness if elected


For Immediate Release
Contact: Jim Gannon (973)588-5089

"We live in extraordinarily dangerous times, where even places like Morris County can become a target for violent crime and acts of terrorism.  I am confident that my 33-plus years of law enforcement and security experience will bring a modern, professional and fiscally responsible approach to the Morris County Sheriff's Office.”  – Sheriff Candidate Jim Gannon during the Republican Primary

Boonton, September 23, 2016 – Republican candidate for Morris County Sheriff released the following statement today in the wake of the apprehension of terror suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami by Linden City Police Officers earlier this week.

“At the outset of my campaign for Sheriff back in early February, I pointed to the need for the next Sheriff to have the ability to work closely with federal, state and local law enforcement, and to possess the experience required to bring a new level of vigilance to the Morris County Sheriff’s Office,” said Gannon.  “Terrorism is not just a federal problem for federal law enforcement to deal with; that was proven again this past week.”

“I commend the brave Linden police officers who apprehended an armed and dangerous terror suspect in their city, and who demonstrated the life and death realities faced by local officers every day,” added Gannon, who also commended members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, NYPD, Ocean & Union County authorities and all first responders and emergency management personnel in Morris County and around the country.  “If I am fortunate enough to win in November and take the oath of office next January, I will deliver on my campaign pledge to strengthen the county’s preparedness to deal with Islamic radicals, whether homegrown or entering the country from outside, who seek to do us harm.”

As a law enforcement professional with over three decades of experience ranging from a local beat cop in Boonton and Boonton Township, to Deputy Chief of Investigations at the Morris County Prosecutor's Office, to a member of the FBI's elite Joint Terrorism Task Force, to the Global Head of Security Risk at a Fortune 500 company like Novartis, Jim Gannon is uniquely qualified to confront the current challenges facing law enforcement and to keep Morris County’s families safe.


Heartwarming Words from a Former Associate

Dear Morris County Residents,

As a born and raised Morris County native, and someone who still deeply cares about one of the finest Counties in our Great Nation, I write to encourage all voters regardless of political affiliation to support Jim Gannon as the next Morris County Sheriff.

Unfortunately, I am unable to vote for Jim because my continued law enforcement career required me to move out of state. I have not seen or spoken to Jim for several years, but when I read in the Daily Record that he was running for Sheriff, I was deeply pleased for him, the Sheriff Department employees, and the citizens of Morris County.

I met Jim professionally while he was with the Morris County Prosecutors Office and I was a federal criminal Investigator of an agency that has a large presence in the County and NJ. Upon our immediate introduction, Jim was not only an incredibly honorable man, but also a knowledgeable law enforcement professional.

Jim and I had many opportunities to work together on law enforcement, national security, and other matters on behalf of Morris County and New Jersey. Jim was always tasked with the most difficult of duties on behalf of the County. If anyone knows or has worked alongside Jim, we all know why – he has the heart and knowledge to work tirelessly to find the very best ethical path forward. His management skills are of the highest caliber.

A chance to have Jim return to Morris County as an executive leader is an undeniable win for everyone who cares about Morris County excellence and fiscal responsibility. It truly is what we all should expect of an elected official and Jim will exceed that ethical excellence.

I absolutely and unequivocally support Jim, not merely because he is a genuinely nice person and executive law enforcement leader; it is about the very best choice for Morris County.

Please support Jim – don’t let this nice guy and Morris County finish last. Vote Jim Gannon for Sheriff of Morris County!

Respectfully Yours,

Jerry Webber

Vermont, New Hampshire, and Florida

Gannon Outlines Comprehensive Three-Step Approach Combatting Heroin, Drug Abuse & Addiction

Says opponents’ “hotlines and committees” approach is typical political rhetoric


For Immediate Release
Contact: Jim Gannon (973)588-5089

Boonton, May 24, 2016 – It’s time to move beyond rhetoric and political talking points and implement a comprehensive approach to address heroin and drug abuse issues impacting Morris County and every community in America, said Republican Sheriff’s candidate Jim Gannon today.

Gannon, who identified combatting heroin and illegal drugs, along with confronting the threat of terrorism and protecting seniors from consumer fraud, as part of his three- point campaign platform during his February 8th campaign kick-off announcement, today outlined specific details for his anti-drug, anti-addiction proposal. 

“Heroin abuse, illegal drugs and addiction are a scourge on our communities that requires a comprehensive response, not vapid political rhetoric about ‘hotlines and committees’ that my opponent has naively put forth,” said Gannon, referring to John Sierchio’s oft-repeated talking points on the heroin issue.  “Hotlines and committees make for good sound bites, but they don’t qualify as a plan and will not solve the problem.  My comprehensive three-point approach will not delegate the problem to a hotline, but rather actively engage the Sheriff’s Office as part of the multidisciplinary approach that is necessary to eradicate these drugs from Morris County. My focus will be on education, enforcement and treatment to confront this crisis. No one person, or agency will solve this problem alone.”


The Gannon Three-Point Plan to Combat Heroin, Illegal Drugs and Addiction 


PARTNER with health professionals, social service and faith-based organizations, and law enforcement already fighting this battle, and promote positive choices and drug resistance education as early as the third grade. 

FOCUS on helping the user and their family break the cycle of abuse and assist recovering users in their return to productive lives. 



ENSURE the effective deployment of existing resources to combat the heroin problem, head on. 

REDIRECT current manpower in the Sheriff’s Office to work directly with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and the DEA to target the “For-Profit” heroin dealers. 



PUSH for in-home nasal naloxone (NARCAN) deployment recognizing that families and loved ones are often the first responders to an overdose. 

TEAM up with families, recovery coaches, substance abuse professionals and treatment facilities to save lives. 


Assemblywoman DeCroce Endorses Gannon for Sheriff in Morris County

Another Morris County Republican Leader added to Gannon Endorsement List

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jim Gannon (973)-588-5089

Boonton, May, 21, 2016 - Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce (R-LD26) is endorsing Jim Gannon for Sheriff in the upcoming June 7th, Morris County Republican Primary Election. DeCroce said Gannon, a former member of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, who started his career as a Patrolman in Boonton and Boonton Township, has the temperament and experience to make an outstanding Sheriff. “I believe Jim Gannon has all the skills necessary to run the Sheriff’s Office with a high degree of professionalism and to ensure that the office remains a valuable public safety asset to the citizens of Morris County,” said DeCroce.

“We live in a dangerous world and we need a county sheriff who understands how to deploy assets effectively and how to work with other law enforcement agencies to protect the public,” added DeCroce.

Assemblywoman DeCroce added, “Mr. Gannon will represent the Republican Party well in the November election. He’s a fiscal conservative who will get the most out of the county tax dollars allotted to his department.”

Sierchio Doubles-Down on Clueless Assessment of Terrorism

Gannon calls opponents’ understanding of modern-day terrorism and ISIS “dangerously unsophisticated for someone running to be County Sheriff”


For Immediate Release
Contact: Jim Gannon (973)588-5089

Boonton, May 4, 2016 – Just a week after Morris County Sheriff candidate John Sierchio awkwardly likened ISIS’s chance of attacking Morris County to “winning the lottery” at a Montville Republican Club debate, Sierchio doubled-down on his stunning ignorance regarding modern-day terrorism by saying that he “has a bridge to sell” anyone who believes “an ISIS tank is going to drive down Route 202” during the Morris Plains Candidate’s Night on Monday evening.  (Source:

In a recent story, Sierchio also dismissed the San Bernardino terrorists as simply “a husband and wife who decide[d] to go out there and cause harm.”  (Source:

Gannon, who was a member of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, served as a Patrolman in Boonton and Boonton Township, Deputy Chief of Investigations at the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and recently retired as the Global Head of Security Risk for Novartis, called Mr. Sierchio’s recent remarks “dangerously unsophisticated for someone running to be Morris County Sheriff.”

“With the growing strength and influence of ISIS, radical Islamic terrorism is evolving. The use of social media and the internet, along with anti-American speech by hateful clerics, is meant to radicalize individuals for Jihad against Americans,” said Gannon.  “Just because someone wasn’t trained overseas in some organized terrorist camp doesn’t mean they aren’t terrorists; and just because they can’t drive a tank down Route 202 doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take them seriously.  Frankly, Mr. Sierchio sounds as naïve as President Obama once sounded when he dismissed ISIS as ‘the jayvee team’ and proved to the world that he didn’t understand the threat that we were facing.”

“I will repeat what I said last week and what I have been telling voters during this campaign:  Morris County is a wonderful place to live – it’s where I was born and raised – but to pretend we are somehow immune to what’s happening in the rest of the world demonstrates a dangerous level of indifference on Mr. Sierchio’s part,” said Gannon.  “I honestly believe such a head-in-the-sand attitude towards the threat of terrorism is disqualifying for someone running to be Sheriff.”