Gannon Outlines Comprehensive Three-Step Approach Combatting Heroin, Drug Abuse & Addiction

Says opponents’ “hotlines and committees” approach is typical political rhetoric


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Boonton, May 24, 2016 – It’s time to move beyond rhetoric and political talking points and implement a comprehensive approach to address heroin and drug abuse issues impacting Morris County and every community in America, said Republican Sheriff’s candidate Jim Gannon today.

Gannon, who identified combatting heroin and illegal drugs, along with confronting the threat of terrorism and protecting seniors from consumer fraud, as part of his three- point campaign platform during his February 8th campaign kick-off announcement, today outlined specific details for his anti-drug, anti-addiction proposal. 

“Heroin abuse, illegal drugs and addiction are a scourge on our communities that requires a comprehensive response, not vapid political rhetoric about ‘hotlines and committees’ that my opponent has naively put forth,” said Gannon, referring to John Sierchio’s oft-repeated talking points on the heroin issue.  “Hotlines and committees make for good sound bites, but they don’t qualify as a plan and will not solve the problem.  My comprehensive three-point approach will not delegate the problem to a hotline, but rather actively engage the Sheriff’s Office as part of the multidisciplinary approach that is necessary to eradicate these drugs from Morris County. My focus will be on education, enforcement and treatment to confront this crisis. No one person, or agency will solve this problem alone.”


The Gannon Three-Point Plan to Combat Heroin, Illegal Drugs and Addiction 


PARTNER with health professionals, social service and faith-based organizations, and law enforcement already fighting this battle, and promote positive choices and drug resistance education as early as the third grade. 

FOCUS on helping the user and their family break the cycle of abuse and assist recovering users in their return to productive lives. 



ENSURE the effective deployment of existing resources to combat the heroin problem, head on. 

REDIRECT current manpower in the Sheriff’s Office to work directly with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and the DEA to target the “For-Profit” heroin dealers. 



PUSH for in-home nasal naloxone (NARCAN) deployment recognizing that families and loved ones are often the first responders to an overdose. 

TEAM up with families, recovery coaches, substance abuse professionals and treatment facilities to save lives. 


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  • Regina Littel Koeppel
    I grew up in a Happy Irish Catholics Home with Many Loving Aunts & Uncles Who Loved to drink Beer 🍀😜

    My Mother, a loving kind brilliant compassionate peaceful woman suffered from Depression and Addiction. I could teach Al Anon and Adult Children of Alcoholics as i spent hours, money and time trying to get Help my mother and save the person I loved most in my life. I did this HER Entire Life until it caused me myself to spiral into a deep depression affecting me and my family. My Mother was Sober the last 6 months of her life, but her addiction and death left me to suffer the last 17 years destitute depressed and addicted to alcohol.
    Ultimately my depression lead to severe anxiety which, like most addicts,I medicated with alcohol & Xanex.
    I had to Leave my Beloved Job as a Emergency Nurse Specialist after a severe breakdown left me Suicidial 7 years ago
    This goes without saying my husband and children have suffered irreparable damage from this deadly disease
    Theirs is THIER own personal story. I can not relate THIERS, but I can say The Heroin Epidemic found and has Almost Destroyed my family.
    I have fought long and hard.
    Sober for 2 years and 8 months and conquering my depression with the help of Rehab and Mental Health Care I AM Stronger than I have ever been.
    You can say I AM an Expert Professionally and Personally about This Horrific disease.
    Because of The Man of Integrity Jimmy Gannon IS he has given me a voice and outlet to share my heartache and fears. And HE HAS GIVEN me HOPE for the First Time since The Epidemic was Brought to My attention by my personal physician 5 years ago
    I AM Strong Now
    I WILL fight for MY Kids, for our kids and families who are hopeless, shamed and immobilized by this all CONSUMING Dreadful Deadly Disease.
    I Met with the other candidate
    He is a Career Politician beholder to his special interest groups. I was appalled by his unprofessionalism, rudeness and disdain towards Jimmy at The Debate at The Mount Olive Republican Club last month.
    I left so DISGUSTED by HIS and HIS Followers Behaviors. One particular follower, who was acting like a body guard, puffed out his chest, got in the face of my friend and neighbor, in a threatening manner as Mr Scherchio showed he didn’t like the way the very thought out researched discussion was going. I was astonished & dumb Founded as I watched it unfold. I felt I was on an Episode of Sopranos. It WAS Horrorfying Outrageous and Unbelievable. I WILL DO ANYTHING to PREVENT this ARROGANT MAN from GAINING Power & Authority that WILL NOT Be used for The BEST Interest of OUR Children & Families
    Jimmy’s Comprehensive Approach to Combating The Tragic Epidemic Is a Phenomenal Start. He IS Brilliant. He is DEDICATED as HIS # 1 PRIORITY to HELP ME, MY Kids and MY Family. HE has VOWED THIS to ME YOU and OURS.
    His Outline is JUST a START,
    But a FAR BETTER Plan than his candidate. Beyond this Jimmy and I have discussed the Ultimate Legilative Needs that he WILL PERSUE to GET OUR Loved Ones INTO LONG CARE Treatment. Long Term Treatment IS THE ONLY Answer to Heroin Addiction. PERIOD. 30 Days IS NOT ENOUGH. Jimmy Mirrors MY OWN View on This. He WILL Work Tireously to procure the END Result of Competent Available Comprehensive Treatment for Heroin Addiction.
    Jimmy Gannon Loves my Family. He offers my children comfort and unjudgemental love & support. He DOES this to Everyone he MEETS. He WILL DO The SAME to EVERY Single Kid and Family in Morris County that NEEDS his HELP
    This I can Promise.
    Pretty Much God & Jimmy have GIVEN me HOPE for the FIRST Time in Years. Thank You Jimmy from the Bottom of My 💚🍀