Gannon Urges Morris County Municipalities to Reject “Sanctuary City” Designation

New Sheriff says local jurisdictions that create safe havens for illegal immigrants make things more difficult for law enforcement officers

For Immediate Release
Contact: Sheriff Jim Gannon

Morristown, March 1, 2017 – In response to the growing debate in New Jersey and nationwide about so-called “Sanctuary Cities,” newly-minted Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon urged all municipalities in his county to reject Sanctuary City designation and cited the difficulties it would create for law enforcement officers from his department and others.

“Morris County municipalities should not be publicly declaring themselves as a place where illegal immigrants can be guaranteed safe harbor from federal law enforcement officials – it’s just not right,” said Sheriff Gannon.  “I started my career as a beat cop in Boonton, and can tell you that asking local law enforcement officers to effectively ignore federal law is problematic on a number of levels and creates confusion that could adversely impact public safety.”

Gannon also said a recent proposal in Trenton would be unfair to taxpayers.  

“Moreover, recent legislation proposed by Democrats in Trenton that would seek to indemnify Sanctuary municipalities from loss of federal aid if they persist in disobeying the federal government defies all logic, and Governor Christie was right to threaten a veto if it ever reached his desk,” said Sheriff Gannon.  “In addition to the public safety issues I mentioned earlier, this proposal would create an undue and unfair tax burden on the vast majority of residents in the vast majority of New Jersey towns that are following the law.”




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  • Michael Rinaldi
    I agree with Peter Zapf. Allowing the continual presence of illegal immigrants (invaders, really) is an affront and insult to the millions of former immigrants who entered the US legally and followed American naturalization laws to become our fellow citizens. Deport all illegal immigrants NOW!!!!
    It’s a shame that James Gannon was not Morris County Sheriff when Morristown Mayor Donald Crescitello was in office.
  • Peter Zapf
    Seems all our so called conservative Freeholders do is hold fundraisers and events. Little is done to improve the illegal alien situation in Morris County. Thanks to Sheriff Gannon for speaking out.
  • Peter Zapf
    About time. Thank you. For years I have emailed our Freeholders to get a handle on the growing number of Illegals in Morris County. Nothing is ever done. All the illegals should be apprehended and ultimately deported.